Fresh Produce

Leon’s Produce: Small But Mighty!

The Foodies at Leon’s believe in eating food “in season.” We also believe in buying local. That means that when the apples fill the trees in Nebraska City every year or when the corn is knee high in July, that some of it is headed directly from the field to our shelves.

Being members of Buy Fresh, Buy Local has enabled us to forge contacts with all the same local produce growers that you might find at one of the many Farmers Markets in Lincoln. Besides ensuring a higher level of safety from the food chain, we are supporting the local economy…one vegetable at a time.

Buying food “in season” and locally also ensures that our produce is FRESHER than most other grocery stores. As always freshness is the true mark of a great produce department. Sometimes being the little guy comes in handy and that is especially true in the Leon’s Produce Department.

We have always believed that it is the duty of our produce staff to ensure that nothing makes it to our shelves that they would not take home to their own families. The smaller size of our produce department allows us to physically inspect every single piece of fruit or vegetable in it every day. We might be small, but that commitment to FRESHNESS makes us mighty!


Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.  ~Elizabeth Berry